High unemployment and under-employment statistics amongst the youth in Zimbabwe cannot go unnoticed.  The need for strategic partnerships is now evident.

Where can our youth acquire the work experience and skills necessary to keep driving our economy? Where can our young people meet business owners, like-minded peers and mentors or access business advice and support services to get their ideas off the ground?

In 2016, Emerge is addressing this issue through proposing a brief that rethinks the traditional youth centre building typology.

Emerge would like to see your new visions for a Youth and Entrepreneurship Centre.

The Youth and Entrepreneurship Centre aims to enhance the youth’s economic participation by providing incubation spaces that offer skills and mentorship programs.

This centre will integrate business incubation, skills training and social interaction in a safe and secure environment. It will be animated by the activity and opportunity offered in the spaces. Participants are called to create a dynamic landscape that reflects the vibrancy of such a centre.

If we can offer our youth spaces and opportunities to innovate in business and technology, we can start addressing the socio-economic problems that plague our country.

Submissions should however consider (but not limited to):

  • Sustainability
  • Aesthetics
  • Building technology
  • Functionality
  • Spatial configuration
  • Choice of materials
  • Human interaction


The Emerge Competition is a digital endeavor in accordance with its sustainable attitude, no hard-copy submissions will be accepted.

  1. Competition Announcement Date_01 August 2016
  2. Standard Registration Ends| Late Registration Begins_30 November 2016
  3. Last Day for Registration_31 December 2016
  4. Submission Deadline_31 January 2017
  5. Jury Evaluation_6 February to 20 March 2017
  6. Winners Announced_25 March 2017

Entrants must submit their proposals to the Emerge website by the competition deadline:

Each entry requires a unique registration number issued after online registration.

Submissions must contain the following electronic files in a single email totalling no more than 25MB.

Entrants will submit two presentation boards and one Design Intent sheet as follows:

  1. Two A1 (594x 841mm) presentation boards in PDF format. These will have theproject title and registration number (issued after online registration) on the top right of each panel. The panels must contain necessary drawings that best describe the project, for example: Plans, sections, elevations (with dimensions) and a 3-D representation of the project.
  2. A 300-word Design Intent sheet describing the project in PDF format.

The documents should be titled in the following format:

  1. (Registration Number_Surname_ Panel 1)
  2. (Registration Number_ Surname_ Panel 2)
  3. (Registration Number_ Surname_ DesignIntent)

Multiple entries from a person are not accepted.

*Please note that we do not accept file shares, dropbox folders, or third-party transfers of any type.