The Emerge Competition Zimbabwe

Nicolas-Patience Basabose Rusangiza Gasigwa Tata Ande Bolongola Wa Badjoko

Nicolas-Patience Basabose started his career in advertising and media, after 10 years, he went back to his first love, which is design. After training, he started Jean 3:16 Life&Style in 2010, a furniture design and home décor studio and Ebenezer Property Group a property development company with EbenezerStudio SA being the flagship division involved in Architecture, Interior Design, and Urban Design with offices in DR Congo and South Africa and clients in DR Congo, Gabon, Congo Brazzaville, Singapore, Brazil and South Africa.

Currently a consultant for a number of companies operating various fields of interest, Basabose is active in a range of disciplines and passionate promoter of the African identity in design, his work is built around the simple act of finding and expressing the “African-ness of things” in everything conceived from the obvious to the subtle.

Nicolas-Patience Basabose is a writer, a contemporary architecture and vernacular architecture studios lecturer at the Universtité Pan-Africaine du Congo and the Institut Supérieur d’Architecture et Urbanisme in Kinshasa, and the founder of the soon to be launched Académie de Design also in Kinshasa. He continues to be one of the fervent advocates of housing in his native Congo and Africa; his upcoming book “Tins Are For Roofs, Not Walls” is a strategic theory on the fight for decent housing in Africa offering routes to both governments and entrepreneurs to invest in truly humane affordable housing, which is a 3-way win-win scenario.