Emerge, an organisation founded by Zimbabwean architect and Rotarian Ruvimbo Moyo, offers competitions to Zimbabwean design students. These competitions promote innovative concepts that re-think the current rural and urban conditions, offering new proposals that are a direct reflection of the continent’s transformative efforts and mobilizing young designers to make vital contributions to their communities and country.

The Emerge Competition welcomes new sponsors. Please contact info@emergecompetition.com for more information.


  • Producing innovative and provocative architectural solutions through critical analysis of the context and challenging the current norm
  • Aid students in building a strong portfolio
  • Offering socially relevant, economically and environmentally sustainable ideas and solutions to the general public
  • Influencing architecture students in Zimbabwe to foster long-term ideals of developing the country
  • Offer a scholarship base to support and encourage students studying architecture and the related fields